Month: October 2012

Yet More Bollocks

If you’re a council tenant in Crawley and you have a spare room in your house or flat then brace yourselves: you’re asked to give that room up to “the homeless” or face a cut in your benefit/a spare room penalty. Tory nutcase Liam Marshall-Ascough has proposed that, in order to avoid a cut in their benefits, tenants take in a homeless lodger or accept a downsized property. So if you’re a council tenant with relatives or friends far away you may have to give up that room they usually stay in when visiting, one way or another.

On Radio 4 this afternoon Mr Marshall-Asshat claimed that it is “unfair on those who have nowhere to live that these people have such space going unused in their properties”. It’s an awkward one to realise because I don’t think any family would want a stranger suddenly moving in. “Tenants would have the option to sign up for this scheme” said Mr Gaping-Arsehole as though it was all a matter of choice, minutes after saying that those who didn’t accept their part on the scheme would face a £14pw cut in benefits.

It’s not a bad idea in theory. It’s just baseless and empty. Many people have spare rooms! If someone wants to offer that room to a lodger (homeless or otherwise) then they may do so. Indeed, many do! But this is almost as though they plan to gather up all the poor people and put them in houses together. It’s impractical, ill thought out and intrusive!

It will never become policy because it has no support at all, from either council tenants (who’s home is as important and private to them as anyone’s), homeless-charity leaders (who have volunteer lodging schemes in place anyway and would lose both financial and community support through the scheme) and homeless representatives from the area (who feel that they would be intruding in the lives of families who have agreed to take them in in order to avoid joining them on the streets through loss of benefits).

But no, let us not be so cynical! It’s worth a shot, eh? And what better way to give people trust and ensure this idea is accepted as more than just an attack than to see an example set by those proposing the scheme? How about Mr Liam Massive-Arsewipe and his posho Tory ten-bedroom-mansion-owning mates – with their noses already turned up at the lower middle classes, let alone the homeless population of this country – let the homeless into their spare rooms? How about making it less about cutting benefits and punishing poorer families and more about getting a roof over the heads of the unfortunate homeless of Britain? No? Didn’t think so…

Basically, the Tories are taking their rich banker mates’ mistakes out on the easiest targets in society – poor, jobless, low income or large family households. The Chancellor’s speech today proves as much, in not so many words. David Cameron tweeted earlier this week that his government was “…on the side of the people who want to get on in life” which translates to “those people who have a bit of money and a job and will vote for us if we make them richer”. Some people can’t find a job (because this government isn’t creating them) and, try as they might, are struggling to get on in life thanks to savage cuts in benefits and support.

But hey, that is no surprise. Two years to go. Then we can get rid of this piss-poor government once and for all.


@David_Cameron UR A Twat

Oh dear lord. As if this Prime Minister hadn’t already made enough massive errors of judgement. Now the knobber has gone and joined Twitter. Already there is a popular #askdave hash tag featuring some beautiful insights into the country’s opinion on this vacuous, bloated excuse for a man. You’d think Mr Cameron would have better advisors! Who’s idea was this?

But let’s not get too worried about ol’ shiny face! Asking David Cameron questions is fun! My first idea was to treat his account as I would Google, asking @David_Cameron anything I’d usually need the search engine to answer. However, that’s too much like hard work. What’s more fun is sitting back and reading Cameron’s @replies.

And if you consider that he’s had thousands of messages in the last hour or so, mostly either abuse or actual serious concern, yet has not replied to a single message, tweeting only twice; once to promote his account and once to brag about some NHS hospital visit, we can all be forgiven for thinking this account will be used only to big himself and his cabinet of crooks up. No MP Q&A here.

If ever more proof were needed that our Prime Minister is more concerned with his own image and the well being of his millionaire mates… This Twitter account will be one to watch. I fear it shall not end well. I wonder how long he (sorry, his PR team) can put up with constant abuse before they either start pathetic legal proceedings in an attempt to silence critics, or simply close the account and pretend it was an imposter?

Whatever the outcome, have fun now: “@David_Cameron [witty/abusive criticism] #askdave” – Enjoy!

Missing: Morals and Decency

There was a time (for some, never I) where the image of Jimmy Savile smoking a big cigar with a young girl on his lap was nothing more than the prelude to a rendition of Making Your Mind Up by Bucks Fizz performed specially for aforementioned young girl after her crayoned letter reached the good old BBC. I don’t think the new relevance of such an image needs explaining.

Yes, this week was the week when the 70s fell down for so many who were there, participating (in the 70s) enthusiastically at the time. It’s neither my business nor my desire to comment on the details of the abuses of which we are hearing; it’s an inexcusable business and the fact that it was allowed to go on, even when known about by some, makes me feel ill.

So why was it allowed to go on? Was Savile really so highly thought of by his peers that they would allow him to abuse the trust of innocent children and their parents? Was he really such high ranking pop royalty that his alleged pedophilia was shrugged off as no more than the eccentric peccadillo of a good and harmless man? Can any one of those claiming to have known or even suspected such terrible things of a man look themselves in the mirror now? I hope not.

The more people come forward to say “we always suspected” the more the country should ask “why did you never say anything?” And each one of these (lets face it) accessories to the crimes Savile has been accused of should be treated as harshly as any other accessory to child abuse. Janet Street Porter claims that it was no secret: well it was, it was a big secret shared by those who knew it. And the bigger that group the more ashamed I am of the people in it. Morally repugnant individuals, all.

Speaking of which, Kay Burley was on top want-to-punch-her form today when she decided it was in the public interest to drag speechless shock reactions to the news of the probable murder of a missing five year old to the volunteers and family friends searching the area to find April Jones. Just when you thought Sky News could sink no lower than their Raoul Moat coverage… “Sure we HEARD him shoot himself on air, but we didn’t see anything (thought Sky News, probably) so maybe this time, if we shove our cameras into the faces of the search party members, we might see some grief or maybe, if we’re lucky, we’ll be present when they find her corpse!”

What a sick and sorry world we live in.