The Beginning Of The End For The Government?

Forget the fact that nobody got a majority at the election, that ties to Murdoch and his cronies have shown more than one cabinet minister (and the PM) to be easily bought leaving nobody in any doubt as to who this government aims to please, that U turn after U turn has sapped any trustworthiness or illusion of competence from them. Could this last two weeks be enough to drive a big wedge between the coalition parties and bring the whole thing tumbling down?

First off, Cameron asks Leveson to report on press standards and ethics but, on receipt of recommendations that are sensible and welcomed almost universally (if a little obvious), he has more or less said outright that he’s not going to do anything with them in any serious way – maybe a half-arsed sketch of how it could work “if only it wasn’t so bloody difficult and complex to implement blah blah blah”! Not a good move, Dave. And you’re not so stupid to see that. So is it fear, money or more baseless promises from Darth Murdoch that’s persuading you to act like the class twat, the one who did things differently to everyone else, irrespective of recommendations, “just because”. Maybe it’s that you know you’re almost bereft of popular support and are simply using your power to prove you still have it.

And now! Boy, are you in trouble! It seems Mr Cameron has been told that he’s to stop telling lies about the amount he spends on our NHS (yes, Dave, OURS. Hands off, mate!). Spending is not up, as the crooks who run our country claim, but down. See here fore details.

Tut tut, Posho, tut tut!

Could this blatant fabrication (so, the defrauding of the public, I guess) be enough to break this fragile clusterfuck some call a government? I’m predicting an election before my Birthday (Feb 20th).

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