Month: March 2013

David Icke and his Frightened Followers

David Icke was on This Morning today and I have to applaud Philip Schofield for his unshakeably straight face. I’ve never seen anyone look so thoughtful and interested during such a weak, jumbled and bollocks-filled interview. Holly Willoughby, bless her, just looked a bit scared. And I think she’s right to be.

David Icke is – and let’s not beat about the bush, here – clearly a raving lunatic. If you want me to be less mean, he’s clearly suffering some kind of mental illness brought on by the evident emotional breakdown he suffered some years ago. He’s obviously a passionate and charismatic man and I have nothing against him personally, I’m sure he’s very nice. But his theories are nothing short of frightening. Not frightening to the public, but frightening to him (and, yes, the large chunk of the public who buy into his paranoid fantasies). 

Once upon a time he was all about uncovering secrecy and corruption among those who hold the power in the world; an admirable, if unwinnable, quest. But then, almost out of the blue, he decided that these powerful “puppet-masters” were alien lizards using holographic mind control to project their human appearance into our minds. I shan’t mention his brief claims that he was (or could be) the messiah.

I was only young when Icke last appeared sane. I don’t remember him as a crusader for freedom and truth, only as an enemy of the lizard-men. Which is obviously a load of rubbish, I’m sure we can all agree. 

Then, one night in the early naughties, David Icke saw a movie called The Matrix, which as you know suggests that reality is false and that we are living in a digitally constructed world known only to a chosen few, controlled by giant robots. On seeing this movie, as he admits himself, Icke decided that this must be the truth and that we are in fact living in a holographic world projected into our minds in wave form by [someone] and that unless we all wake up and accept this truth we will forever exist in this virtual prison.

And there I lose all kinds of understanding. It’s with this blatant piece of plagiarism that I stop listening and start laughing. If I were to watch Men In Black and then claim adamantly that the truth is our galaxy is nothing but a marble in a cosmic game played by gigantic alien beings you’d all say “fuck off, you just saw that on the telly!” 

So why aren’t Icke’s fans saying the same to him? Surely they can’t ALL be a delusional as him? Surely they can’t ALL be that stupid? Well, apparently they are. Run a quick search on Twitter for Icke’s name or any of his buzzwords and you’ll discover many people who absolutely believe every word he says.

The more intelligent of them counter Icke’s critics’ attacks by saying something like “Surely a belief in God, a magical man in the sky, accepted as absolutely true by countless religions is much more far-fetched than anything Icke says?” and they’re right… Except it’s not MUCH MORE far-fetched, but EQUALLY far-fetched. You see, religious people disagree with Icke because their own ingrained truth about the world clashes drastically with Icke’s. Non-religious people see both the Icke theory and religious theory as unacceptably unbelievable. That argument only works on similarly delusional people.

Some people watch Icke and treat him as a clown, a figure of ridicule, someone you’re allowed to laugh at. We’ve all laughed at him, I’m sure. But there’s nothing very fair about doing so. I genuinely believe that he genuinely believes the things he says. This is why I think he is mentally ill. I don’t think he’s in it for the money (although he’s getting an awful lot of that from his gullible crowds. He claims humbly, in many interviews, that he has no need or want of the money he makes, that he lives a quiet life in a two-room flat in Ryde on the Isle Of Wight. He rarely makes mention of his other properties in London, LA and elsewhere).

I wonder often whether there’s anything anyone can do to help this poor, frightened man. His paranoia and bizarre, outlandish theories on authority are surely the result of intense emotional stress or psychological damage! He thinks the Queen is a lizard and there’s nothing anyone can say to change his mind. When I dared to criticise his beliefs one of his fans offered the following reply:

@gabundy so what research have you done to prove him wrong then? I’m guessing somewhere between none and zilch? @davidicke

I told him I had an invisible dog and that unless he could prove otherwise he had to believe me without questioning my claim at all. I’ve not had a response. The sad thing is that during my searches I’ve come across some really nice, seemingly intelligent people who also believe that Icke is spot on. How can I take anything they say seriously? 

No, David Icke’s theories are either plucked from thin air or from Hollywood blockbuster movies – and nobody seems to care either way! Not even David Icke can give answers to what the hell he’s on about. His lectures are ten hours long and he speaks without notes! But that doesn’t make him an impressive figure but a rambling, egotistical one who loves the sound of his own voice. I don’t think he has a video on YouTube shorter than 90 minutes long. 

Some people will believe anything you tell them. These people are making Icke a rich man.