Spin Doctor Who

When I starting this blog I promised you and myself that I would use it for moaning about things that were not Doctor Who. I promised I’d never mention my love for the show. Today I’m doing what Batman never would. Today I’m breaking my One Rule.

Yesterday on BBC One it was announced – in proper shiny-floor fashion – that Peter Capaldi would be taking on the role of the Twelfth Doctor. His name was pretty much at the top of bookies’ list of possibles and it seems they were right! He is probably best known for his sweary turn as director of communications Malcolm Tucker in the fantastic The Thick Of It – a role that is galaxies away from that of TV’s much-loved Time Lord.

And it seems he’s been a massive hit with the fans, too! The internet is teeming with almost-entirely-positive messages of support for Mr C. The only negative reaction I’ve seen is from fans of a certain age – I call them the Tumblr Generation – who believe Capaldi is “too old and not hot enough to play the Doctor”. Obviously these kids have never seen the original Doctor, William Hartnell in the role. Obviously these kids have no idea what being the Doctor is about. Part of me wishes they’d all just stop watching now they no longer fancy the leading man, then I wouldn’t have to put up with their badly-‘shopped, badly-‘shipped Doctor Who themed Tijuana Bibles crawling their creepy way into my DW Google image search results. 

But enough of the clueless fans’ reaction; what about the real fans of the show? Well, we all seem to love the decision! Even the most disillusioned and pessimistic Who fans seem to be speaking about the appointment with new, excited voices! There is hope in the air! Peter Capaldi’s Doctor could be anything, but everyone seems to know he’ll be at least one thing: brilliant. A life-long Doctor Who fan who, like Tennant, is getting to do what he used to pretend to do for real! A fine actor who has been in rehearsal for this very role since he was nine years old!

When he was announced on Sunday – and most people at home went, “No F**ing Way!!? YES!!!” – and he came out smiling and did that little Hartnell-esque tug at his lapels it was clear that this was a guy who knew his cosmic onions. He spoke with respect and clarity about the show being such a meaningful part of so many people’s lives and will evidently be a great advocate for the show as we proceed into the second half if its first century.

But what will he be like? And what will he wear?! Isn’t it exciting?!! Whatever we get from our Twelfth Doctor one thing is almost certain: the role is in very safe hands for the foreseeable future. I am thrilled!

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