A Few Days Away

So, in order to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to catch up with my fiancee’s mother, I am spending the next two nights in Chichester. I like Chichester a lot. It has a sense of calm about it on the outside but you know there is every chance some of the houses have sex dungeons built under their immaculate lawns. Sorry Chi.

For lots of reasons our visits here are stressful and therefore short. I do enjoy them, however, as usually they give me a chance to act the handyman. I’m either fixing a printer or sussing out some computer issue, stuff I pretend to be good at despite just winging it 90% of the time. I often feel needed here, which is nice. It’s also a terrible thing to enjoy.

But whatever. I’m here to have fun this time around and fun will be had! Tomorrow I plan to whisk Aimee off to the most upmarket of Wetherspoon’s pubs for a slapup 2-4-1 meal and a glass or three of syruppy soft drink. No doubt we’ll spend at least some of our day trading silks and rubies in order to impress the Maharaja with our wares; that is, spend the afternoon playing the wonderful “Jaipur”.

Then, after a lightish lunch, a card game and a Coke (well, they’ve got Pepsi, is that alright?) home we will head for the three Ss in preparation for a slapup steak and ribs combo fit for a cowboy at our favourite Chi haunt, The Smith & Western.

Lightly tanked up and full of meat we will then head back to our borrowed room to sleep it all off before heading home on Friday. Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s 11pm and my insomnia is kicking in. If I don’t write now I know I never will. I just wish I had more to say this time around. Sorry for boring you all. As you were… x

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