On Buying A New Computer

I’ve figured it out. The reason I haven’t written anything in so long is because my fiancée has been hogging the Desktop PC and writing anything longer than a short tweet on an iPad is fucking impossible and infuriating. But now I’ve solved that problem!

Yes, yesterday I splashed out the best part of (a meagre) £200 on something called a Samsung Chromebook – it’s some newfangled thing that looks like a laptop (or, more accurately, a MacBook) but hasn’t got anything on it except Google’s Chrome browser. Everything else you can do with it – which is basically everything except extensive photo or video editing – happens through that browser. If you want to create a document you can do so using Google Docs. If you want to save photos or videos then there’s plenty of space on Google Drive just for that, among other things.

I had come to the conclusion that – with most of my photography stuff happening on the Desktop PC in the corner, due to complexity of editing and such, and with nothing much else happening save for my extensive use of social networks and the occasional blog post – I didn’t actually NEED anything other than a browser and an internet connection. So, after a little research, I came to the conclusion that this Chromebook was perfect for my needs.

So my iPad has been relegated to “bedroom media station” since it’s become so slow lately that it’s no good for much more than tweeting and watching Netflix, the Desktop PC is now my editing station (and Aimee’s SIMS 2 hub) and this Chromebook is what I’ll use for “downstairs social media usage” (not as sexy as it sounds) and for blogging!

Yes! Finally I can blog using a keyboard and screen rather than a grubby plate of glass which lags so much I want to smash it into shards. And, as per my new pledge in the last post, Saturday (that’s tomorrow) is the day I’ll post something decent on here. I think I’m going to chat a little about why I love Autumn so much and will probably veer off into some rant or other before I tell you about the wonders of reading a good book on a warm bus in the pouring rain.

This post is little more than a chance for me to test out the keyboard and visuals of my new machine. I love it. If you need a machine and use the computer mostly for internet things then you can do worse than to throw £200 at a Samsung Chromebook. Message ends.

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