The Niceties Of Autumn

I’ve never been one for sunshine. It’s too hot (I’m always hot) and you can never see the telly properly. My fiancée has a form of sun allergy so much of the summer pisses us both off. Luckily, it isn’t Summer. It’s now Autumn. And I like Autumn!

There’s something about the feeling you get on that one morning where “the weather has changed” – suddenly everyone’s wearing woolly hats, big coats, scarves and stuff like that. The buses have become all condensation-soaked and steamy – getting places on public transport is fun again. There’s nothing better than sitting in a pub, near the fire (our pub has a proper fire) and reading a good book while drinking a cup of milky coffee. Even going to work isn’t that bad since everyone is excited, be it about Halloween, Christmas or whatever.

And television becomes quite good again in the Autumn: Doctor Who is in full swing and on top form (in my opinion), The Apprentice is back and The X Factor has reached the Live Shows which means it’s almost – but sadly not quite – over and done with for another year! There’s a show on at the moment called The Detectorists which is about a couple of metal detector hobbyists who are likely to escape their boring, ordinary lives by finding some massive haul of gold and jewels or something. I’m really enjoying it – both Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are wonderful in it and Aimee Ffion Edwards is, as always, incredibly watchable.

Then there’s the exciting stuff that happens around this time of year. I’ve got this new computer – which is a treat, no question – and my wedding to Aimee is getting closer and closer. To top this off, friends of ours are also getting wonderful news and this makes me so, so happy. The Doctor Who Experience reopens with a new walk-through adventure soon and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently – in the last few weeks or so, since the new series began, really – my nephews ages two and four have become obsessed with Doctor Who. If they aren’t fighting the Daleks with their “honic screwdriver” (shootshootshoot) then they’re battling each other in character, the elder as a Dalek, shouting “Esterniate!” as the younger’s Cyberman fights back with “delete delete”… I am one proud uncle.

Yes, this time of year is the NICE time of year. I don’t care about summer sunshine or the freshness of spring – simply give me a cold downpour, a big coat, a warm room and a good book, that way I’ll be one happy bunny.


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