The Prodigal… Daughter?… Returns!

This week has been a long one for everyone, I think. I’m quite tired and I know my fiancée is too. It’s been a nice week though, overall. We’ve recently put the finishing touches to a photography project we’ve been undertaking with Newport Operatic Society, taking head shots of the cast of their latest production, Chess. I’ve had a lot of fun at rehearsals and can’t wait to be there for the dress rehearsal soon!

On top of the deep-breath finality of a job well done by all, we received some good news this week: Our friend Laura – who is from Walsall but had moved to Cardiff to study, only to end up having to go “home” again when she finished University – has returned to Cardiff! She’s basically landed the job of her dreams, flying the TARDIS at the Doctor Who Experience. So, because we’re so bloody nice, she’s staying with us for a while, while she resettles in her TRUE home, Cardiff (or the surrounding areas).

Once again the old gang is back together! We’ve finally got a third player to relentlessly bombard with new board games – the main reason Aimee and I are so happy to have Laura back with us. So the next few weeks will be great fun! There’s a Halloween party coming up next weekend and I’m planning my costume – I’m going as the DC Comics villain Scarecrow and Aimee is going as Poison Ivy! It’s going to be wonderful!

I didn’t really have much to write about today, since the whole week has been a bit of a whirlwind, so I’ll get something really interesting and original together for tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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