It’s One Rule For Them…

Today the UK was told that it owed around two billion euros to the EU (details here) and, in response to this sudden and unexpected news, David Cameron took to Twitter:

“I’m angry at the sudden presentation of a €2bn bill to the UK by the EU. It’s an appalling way to behave and I won’t be paying it on Dec 1st” he said.

I felt the same that time I got a call out of the blue to tell me that I’d been overpaid my Job Seekers Allowance due to “an office error at our end” but that I had to pay it back within 7 days or I’d “suffer sanctioning or even legal action over benefit fraud”…

Or when people get letters telling them that they’ve paid too little tax on recalculation due to an error with a previous employer’s paperwork and that tehy owe hundreds straight away or else may face court proceedings; they must feel the same…

Or when an OAP receives a letter telling them they have to pay their next six months’ council tax in a lump sum, immediately, because they were a day late on this month’s payment and “have already been given a letter of warning in the past – and we only ever send one!” even though that first letter was sent eight months previously and the bill is was sent about was paid before the letter even arrived!

I’m sure we’ve all had times when someone has asked us to pay out an unexpected amount of money due to either an administration error or some other issue, and we have all wanted to tell them to “Fuck Off” and stamp our feet and refuse to pay but unfortunately – rightly or wrongly – there’s very little wiggle room. The answer is invariably “tough luck, pay up!”

So there we are Dave, you squirming Tory prick, it’s tough luck, pay up! You’re not above the law, even though you’re doing all you can make sure you and your friends actually are. If someone has to pay back an overpayment of benefits or an underpayment of tax or else face legal action then you, as leader of this country, have NO right to refuse to pay this EU bill.

Once again (cliché alert) it’s one rule for the poor, scrounging benefit scum and another rule entirely for the over-educated, under-experienced expenses scum who seem content in shitting on each and every one of us. It makes me sick.

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