I’m All About The Bus, ’bout The Bus; Road Travel!

Often, on my bus to work, strange things happen. Usually it’s an eccentric local doing something terrible or other. Sometimes it’ll be an overheard conversation (as it was tonight) that piques my interest. Whatever it happens to be the 400 Beddau/Cardiff bus is usually an interesting journey.

This morning, while I read a biography of dish-faced boiled-ham robot PM David Cameron I was angrily approached by TWO separate people seemingly upset that I’d dare to read such a disgusting publication in public, as though I was flicking through a copy of “Bare Tits & Arses” one-handed while fondling my erect penis and two testicles. I wasn’t! I was just reading a book! I had to say “oh no, I don’t LIKE him! I’m just reading it because I’m interested in politics – it’s a sort of Know Your Enemy kind of thing…”, a comment that was met with a thumbs-up and a wink.

I suppose an old South Wales mining village breeds the kind of person who sees a David Cameron biography as even more offensive than that which, I am pleased to say, cheers me up no end!

And then tonight, on my commute home, I had to listen to some arsehole lie unconvincingly for almost an hour and a half in a sad attempt to impress and take home an unknowing 17 year old girl. I wanted to much to intervene but what could I do? Lying to get your rocks off happens all the time… I’ve collated my commentary tweets on Storify here

I do love a good bus ride. You get all the characters on a bus. It’s like a train but it goes into the deeper, darker corners of the country – those places even the rail-tracks don’t reach.

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