A Brief Round Up Of My Week So Far…

So the thing is, finding something to write about every day is hard work, especially when the larger part of my day is spent folding jeans. But this week a few things have riled me.

First off, someone was able to “jog” into David Cameron as he left a meeting in Leeds. If the jogger had a knife or a bomb Cameron would be dead. Luckily (?) he was just a jogger. But this does shine a worryingly bright light on how lax security really is around those who you would think would need the most protection.

Then, this morning, I discovered that my bus ticket will be rising in price by an astonishing £9.00! My 12-journey ticket will be going up from £22 to £31 in November, despite the service we get from Edwards Coaches becoming more and more shoddy as the days go on. For instance, this evening people were left waiting for over two hours in the rain as the driver of the 7.30pm bus decided to drive off with no passengers. In the end the company sent a coach out to collect customers at 9pm.

Then there’s all the fuss about poppies and racists and muslims and UKIP and I’m seriously getting fed up with everyone and their stupid under-informed opinions. Too many people spend too little time actually looking into what it is exactly that UKIP stands for. But that’s another blog for another day! I’ll tackle racism and ignorance in the near future.

So yeah. Don’t have an awful lot to say today and I’m really tired after work so you’ll have to make do with this. The week ahead will bring, among other things, a step-by-step guide to making your own Scarecrow (Batman villain) mask from scratch and a bit of a review of the movie Gone Girl, both of which I would like to take a bit of time to put together.

So, for now, Have a nice day.

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