Two Days’ Blogs In One (Sorry) (Some Dr Who Dark Water Spoilers)

I know. I promised to post every single day and yesterday I didn’t. But that’s because I’ve had a great, busy Saturday and now I’m planning on a lazy, restful Sunday. First off, yesterday, we took my Mum to Cardiff to a cake tasting at the Little Cake Cupboard, the independent baker making our wedding cake. We stuffed ourselves with delicious trial cakes and then headed off to grab some food in the Rummer Tavern.

It was nice to be out in Cardiff with Aimee, we’ve not had much real time together recently thanks to our working alternate shifts at work. It was also nice to be out with my Mother, something we rarely do.

Then, we rushed home to get ready for our friend Tony’s Halloween get-together at his home in Newport. I was dressed as the Batman villain Scarecrow (as you’ve seen) and Aimee dressed as Poison Ivy. Also present at the party were a Hufflepuff student, the Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Little (BIG) Red Riding Hood and the Big (LITTLE) Bad Wolf, the Phantom of the Opera, fairies, ghouls and creeps of all kinds. It was nice to just relax, play some great board games, let our hair down a little.

And then, when I got home, I watched the first part of this series’ Doctor Who finale. Not only did it give us the return of the Cybermen but also that of the Master! Controversial as it may be (though I don’t know why) the fact that Missy was in fact the Master all along didn’t come as much of a shock. In fact, some six weeks ago when the Cybermen were filming in Cardiff, I more or less guessed the entire plot of this episode – the Nethersphere being a hard drive storing minds, the Cybermen converting the dead bodies to create an army, even Missy’s true identity! But I enjoyed it!

And now I’m lazing on the sofa. I feel like I want to sleep more. Aimee is on her way to her Mum’s for a few days to visit since she’s got a week off. I may have a little nap this afternoon. I may not. What I WILL do, however, is make sure I post every single day from now on. I know, I’ve let you down. Boo.

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