Blogging Daily Is Hard!

I know I should blog. I promised I’d do so every day! It was a plan! I made a plan and a promise to stick to it. And here I am, for the second day in a row (the third since I started all this), not blogging.

It’s because I’m so busy! I know; that sounds hateful. “Oh, I have SUCH an active social life that I can’t find the TIME to blog EVERY day!”, oh shut up you silly bastard. You sound pathetic! No, but it’s true. I’ve been busy. I’ve been working hard, I’ve had stuff to do. Tonight I was out with friends from work. It’s hard, you know? Keeping to the One Post, Every Day thing is tough!

Last night I failed because I was feeling unwell and I was really tired and tonight I’ve failed because I simply wasn’t here. It’s annoying, I agree. But…

…hang on…

…Oh. I seem to have blogged today after all! I mean, it’s not very good – it just reads like a half-drunk stream of consciousness. But… Well, it’s a blog, right? Sure it is! It has its own unique URL! So. Well. Make do.

Coming Soon: Long Games, Poppies and Falling In Love With Text-Based RPGs Again.


  1. It’s better to have an active social life than to blog. You blog when you can, or when you have something really important or urgent to say.

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