Passing The Torch – Dalekmania Redux

I’m a massive Doctor Who fan. You know this. Nobody who knows me doesn’t know this. But, as I get older, I care less and less about it. I still love the show, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it. I even still excuse the odd shit episode. I enjoy watching the show and am well aware of its faults – I just don’t care too much.

However, I have an apology to make to my parents and my sister. Somehow – I’m not even sure how – my nephews, Ashton (4) and Rohan (2) have become the biggest Doctor Who nerds I know. Since they’re still young their knowledge is limited to their experience of the show, so they’re mainly all about the Daleks and the Cybermen right now. But they’ve seen most of the “classic” Dalek stories and will ask to watch black and white episodes on DVD over colour ones.

“Why? Why? Why?” is all anyone is ever asked when Doctor Who is on TV. Why is Clara saying she’s the Doctor?!? Why is the Dalek so mean? Why is Rusty kind? It’s just questions questions questions. And I’m sorry because I hardly ever have to put up with them. My mother, not the world’s biggest Who fan, has seen Remembrance Of The Daleks hundreds of times in the last three months – she’s forced to act out scenes from it almost daily.


But there’s a part of me that’s quite proud to be passing my interests on to my nephews – to kids young enough to grow up with the show, including its classic episodes – since often, unjustly, love for this show is seen as “nerdy” and “uncool”. I like that my nephews will run around the living room shouting “EXTERMINATE!” and can pretend that Daleks are invading, defend against the attack and banish them to the Void, all with a battered straw hat (Rohan’s “Doctor Who Hat” – we’re not sure if he’s trying to be McCoy or Davison) and a water pistol (the Sonic Screwdriver I gave them broke).

The show has taken on a whole new dimension (ha ha) for me this series. I’ve been given probably the best Doctor (IMO) we could have hoped for in Capaldi, some cracking stories and two infant reviewers who are always eager to share their thoughts on each week’s episode. For the record, they cannot wait for Doctor Who to meet Father Christmas soon, but are “nervous” about what that “slimy-lip alien” might be up to!

Whether the obsession sticks is anyone’s guess, but they’ve watched every episode of Capaldi’s run (and loved most of them) as well as binging on any other Doctor Who they can get their hands on from before that. Their passion had better last until Christmas at least, or else they’ll be getting a load of toys they won’t want! I have faith. This show grabs its audience young and grabs tight! I’m still in its clutches; now my nephews are along for the ride and it’s great!

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