The other day Aimee and I found ourselves with an hour or two to spare between Christmas shopping and me having to go to work so I trotted over to our Friendly Local Game Store, Rules Of Play, to buy some pub-friendly card games while Aimee grabbed a table and bought us some hot chocolate at our favourite Cardiff watering hole, 33 Windsor Place.

I picked up two games. I got Elevenses (a neat little card game for 2-4 players, which sees players competing to lay out the best morning tea spread – sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, tea, milk, sugar, etc – before someone calls Elevenses and the spreads are scored. It’s a lovely game and very tricky. It’s also nowhere near as twee as it sounds. A true strategic beauty.

The other game I picked up was Sushi Go! Another wonderful card game which relies on points optimisation, but this time with a cleverly simple drafting mechanic. And nothing else. The artwork on the cards is quirky and and interesting, resembling something like a Japanese restaurant logo, which is to be expected.

Sushi-Go-HandIn the game each player is dealt a hand of cards featuring different types of sushi – nigiri, maki rolls, dumplings, tempura, etc. each worth a different points value at the end of the round. A player looks at her hand, chooses one card to keep, places it face down on the table in front of them, then passes their hand to the left. When everyone has passed their hand the cards on the table are revealed and the draft continues with the player choosing another card from the hand given to her by the player on her right.

At the end of the round, when all cards have been chosen, all sushi cards are scored and all pudding cards set to one side (whoever has the most puddings at the end of the game gets six points, whoever has the least loses six points). The game is played over three rounds and the winner is whoever has accumulated the most points by the end of round three.

It’s a simple game with difficult choices and can be played with 2-6 players, of any age (give or take). I recommend both! But especially Sushi Go. It’s great fun.

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