This Year’s Christmas!

So, I’ve chatted recently on Christmases past, now it’s time to talk a little bit about this Christmas! Sorry I’ve not posted on here in a while; it’s likely to be a while until the next post too, since – as you can imagine – this is a busy time of year!

So, first off, I’m writing a Sherlock Holmes Christmas story which is taking a while to finish. I’m really taken with the idea I’ve had, but I need to work harder on making it as exciting as you’d hope it to be – so far it’s just a load of shopping (don’t ask). I’m hoping to have it finished as soon as possible but I think I’ll hold off on posting it until Christmas Eve, since that’s where it’s set.


Secondly, we’re putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow, which officially makes it Christmas in the Bundy household. When it’s all up, decorated and has the presents under it I’ll probably take a picture and put it up here (anything to pad out a day’s blog, eh?).

And lastly, what are you doing for Christmas?! Use the comments section below to share your festive plans with me! I’d love to hear from you. As I’ve said, sorry if there are a few more days between posts – I know I promised a blog a day, but it was never going to work out that way…

Ho! Ho! Ho!

One comment

  1. Perhaps tomorrow is an official “put up your tree day”. We’ll be doing ours then also. This afternoon we’re trying something new: Tuba Christmas at the Boise Capitol. And we’ll of course be seeing the lights at the Idaho Botanical Gardens again this year.
    Enjoy! Looking forward to your story!

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