Christmas Officially Reaches Cardiff As Thousands Queue To Take Selfies With The Gregg’s Van

Forget Santa! The name bringing Christmas to Cardiff is Gregg! Today, Cardiff Queen Street was host to the Gregg’s Van, a festive favourite! Thousands of eager Christmas lovers queued around the block in pouring rain to have their photo taken with the Gregg’s Van (pictured below) which is on a whistle-stop tour of the UK this week.

This is the fourth year The Christmas Gregg’s Tour has happened, but the company thinks this year will be its most successful. As a further pull on punters, as well as the free photo op, Gregg’s staff will be handing out free ambient-temperature sausage rolls to anyone in line.

5189242123_afe3f2ac14_n“It’s magical,” said Gemma, a twenty year old call centre worker from Bridgend, “we’ve been camped out on Queen Street since 5am waiting for the Gregg’s Van to turn up. We were second in line for our free sausage roll!”

And Gemma wasn’t the only one excited to see such a national icon on their streets: “I’ve seen it on TV; it’s not Christmas until you see the Gregg’s Festive Bake advert and now I get to visit the Van in real life!” said another baking fan who didn’t want to be named – she’d taken the week off work to travel all the way from Bristol to stand in line. It is estimated that more than 2000 people will have their photo taken beside the Christmassy Classic during its day parked up outside Sainsbury’s.

SJP_MAI_060614garden7545_01JPGOthers have been less welcoming, however. “It’s just an advert! It’s one big marketing ploy and idiots the country over are flocking like sheep to share that logo all over their Facebook page. It’s nothing but free advertising for a company that obviously has enough money to pay for their own promotion. It makes me sick!” said one grumpy Scrooge-a-like, but nobody cares! It’s CHRISTMAS!

“Rumour has it that there’s a soft drinks company – which I shall not name – pulling a similar stunt,” CEO of Gregg’s The Bakers, Ian Pasty, told us this morning, “but they don’t have the same special place in the festive imagination of the UK as Gregg’s has, so we aren’t in the least bit worried.”

The Gregg’s Van will be parked in the city centre until 8pm this evening, when it will return to the depot in Treforest en rout to its next stop in Neath.

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