I have a review of Selma still to write. I know I promised it before the film goes on general release, but it hasn’t worked out that way. So, for now, have this…


Pride centres on a group of gay and lesbian activists inspired to support a small welsh mining town in their strike efforts during the 1984/5 miners’ strike. Seeing a shared enemy – police, Tory policy, Thatcher – Mark Ashton and his mates and the men and women of the Dulais Valley form an unlikely alliance in their struggle to achieve fairness and equality.

In the mould of other British classics such as Billy Elliot and The Full Monty, Pride doesn’t go for cheap, sentimental heart-string-tugging, focusing instead on harsh realities and true friendships. Based on the true story of LGSM, Pride is a funny and fierce – if somewhat embellished – account of a period of Welsh history more often than not forgotten. It’s also really, really lovely.

If you haven’t seen this film then you could do a lot worse that to put that right. I loved every second of it. One of the best British films for ages.

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