Selma tells the story of Martin Luther King and the struggle for a black vote, centred around the marches from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. As with any historical film based on fact, there’s always a little wiggle-room for drama.

Although this story has all the drama required. The black population of Selma was continuously trodden on by everyone from racist local officials to the president himself. And this movie captures the cruel, violent injustice of the whole thing very well.

Leading the cast as King is British actor David Oleyowo who is outstanding. In fact, the whole cast shone. It would be further injustice (not on the same scale, I concede) if this movie doesn’t clean up at every awards ceremony it gets a nomination at.

I got to see this movie one week before release thanks for my fiancée’s wily internet know-how and I was swept along by this tale of hardship, struggle and persistence. A violent, disturbing film for a 12A certificate, but an important one. You should see this movie. Out now.

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