The Detached, Alien World Of Politics

In response to the shootings in Denmark earlier today Prime Minister David Cameron (or his intern, probably) sent this Tweet:

“I condemn the shootings in #Copenhagen. #Freespeech must always be protected. My thoughts are with the Danish people.”

Fair enough, under the circumstances, right? Wrong. Let’s take a closer look…

B9062DhIMAA31wn (2)

It’s the first line of his Tweet that upsets me and really makes me wonder what it is that overtakes a person’s soul to the extent that they feel the need to write a sentence like that about what is unarguably a terrible, deplorable act. Is Cameron so detached and uncoupled from real, human existence that he feels the need to vocally condemn an attempted mass murder, as though if he hadn’t said anything we’d all think he was right behind the shooters, cheering them on?! Who the fuck has to actually SAY this?!

Or maybe it’s a political thing. If he doesn’t say it then every opponent will pounce on him for not condemning the actions of these murderers for political means… maybe that’s it. If so, the whole political class needs a kick up the arse and a lesson in how to be a human being.

It’s like when politicians, during a speech or an interview, say something like “let me be very honest about this…” as though every word they were saying before hand was a lie. Which it probably was. Or at least an elaborately veiled truth, floating on a wave of buzzword hyperbole; sound-bites.

Why can’t they just always be honest and always feel humility and human emotions? What is it about politics that corrupts a human being to the point of absolute alienation from the feelings and behaviours of the rest of society? It’s all very depressing; no wonder nobody cares anymore.

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