‘Steak of the Art’ and ‘Twelve Angry Men’


Cardiff’s new steak house slash art gallery on Churchill Way is a lovely restaurant that serves great food, albeit for one hell of a price tag (£30 for a mixed grill is an amount I’m not used to having to cough up). Made up of a series of themed booths – a Dalek, hot air balloons, Roald Dahl, Rugby etc – you’ll eat steak and posh chips, drink decent wines and beers and marvel at your surroundings (and the light-up toilets). It’ll only be when you get home that you’ll start wondering if it was worth the money (Answer: Not really, but it’s a special occasion, so…) and, if anyone saw you in there, how do you justify your presence and convince them you’re not a massive hipster who will pay £30 to eat a plate of BBQ meat in a second-storey hamster-wheel (Answer: You can’t. It’s unjustifiably ridiculous). All in all, it’s a great novelty venue with some genuinely amazing steaks, but you’ll have to pay for it, in pocket and pride.

TAM 2015 Poster (2).jpg-pwrt2

Twelve Angry Men at the New Theatre, Greyfriars Road (I think the play’s run has now finished, unfortunately) is a triumph! Tom Conti leads a wonderful cast in this well-known show and together the men bring heavy, passionate drama to a claustrophobic stage. As tempers rise and emotions get the better of our titular Men, the tension becomes dizzying (literally; watch that table closely!) and the audience is hurtled head-long into a slowly unfolding tale of justice done or not done. It is wonderful. A shame, then, that the New Theatre was so stiflingly hot – there were complaints all around the room about the lack of air-conditioning. So hot was it that, when Conti pushed the fake window of his fake jury room open in Act II, there was an audible sigh of imagined relief. But, just as a fake breeze can’t cool a boiling audience, a hot room didn’t detract from a top class show. Thrilling!

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