Cameron’s Big Debate Headache

Prime Minister and chopped-ham robot David Cameron is still refusing to answer the question of whether he’ll be appearing on TV election debates opposite other party leaders. It would seem that he is willing to make one final offer, however, to us – the people who pay his wages.

David Cameron FAM.jpg-pwrt2He is willing to appear on one debate with all other leaders, but not any one-on-one debates. It’s almost as though he wants his ineptitude and granny-fancying policies drowned out by the bleating and cawing of the likes of Nigel Farage.

Here’s what I think: Firstly, the TV debates are a pointless waste of time anyway; only an idiot would vote based on their outcome. But, since they look to be going ahead whether Melted-Ant-From-Ant-And-Dec Cameron turns up or not, I’m all for the bluster around his refusal to play the game. Anything that shows him to be weak, on the run, unwilling to engage is fine by me (and, no doubt, his opponents too). If he only wants to appear on one debate then he should be forced to decide which channel he wants that debate shown on.

Since a number of channels are in the mix, showing debates on different areas of government policy with different leaders in attendance, and since Cameron only wants to appear on one of them, he should be forced to show his hand: Will he want to appear on his favourite punch-bag, the BBC (somehow still a cheerleader for his wicked ways, despite the kicking it’s receiving from him) or maybe he’ll opt to throw viewers in the direction of his good pal Murdoch and opt for the Sky debate.

Who knows? Should be fun to see the fallout, whatever happens.

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