And They’re Off!

Today sees the official start of campaigning for the General Election 2015. David Cameron took the pretentious car-ride to Buckingham Palace where he went in, grinning like a little boy about to meet Dr Who, to ask the Queen to dissolve this Parliament. As of today, politics gets really mucky…


It’s just 37 Days until the United Kingdom grabs their jacket and wanders to the polling station to vote for whoever they think best represents them, their views on the future of the country and their social and financial interests. One of two men WILL be our Prime Minister – either Tory Leader David Cameron or Labour’s Ed Miliband – but it’s unlikely to be as simple as “one of them won”. Coalition government is, again, a likely outcome since neither of the main parties in with a chance of having their leader lead are likely to get a majority. Like an overheard conversation in a UKIP constituency boozer, all I’m hearing is “The polls are all over the place!” (I’ve seen this “joke” rolled out by so many people, I’m not even sure who I’ve stolen it from…).

The King-Makers, as it were, are doing all they can to win your vote, which will split either the left vote or the right. It seems that it’s the parties we aren’t all likely to vote for that’ll have the deciding say in this election. I personally think it could be worse than to have Labour + All The Little Parties in Government and the Tories and UKIP looking on in sadness and frustration. I’d buy that! But it’s not for me to tell you who to vote for.

Whether you’re so fed up with Labour’s lurching (one way or another, depending on who you speak with) or with the Tories’ clamping down on one particular section of society (rich or poor, depending on who you listen to) or whether you feel one of them has the right idea; whether it’s the Greens who float your boat or UKIP that refuses to allow it to dock without its passengers having the right documentation; whether you are Welsh, Scottish, Northern-Irish and think your Nationalist party has the plan to back, the most important thing is this:


You have just 20 days to make sure you are registered to vote (recent rules changes have meant that some people have “fallen off” the register), which is your democratic right and, I would say, your duty. If you don’t vote you don’t really have much of a right to complain. Even if there’s nobody you feel speaks for you, spoil your ballot – add a None Of The Above box and put a cross in it, or just draw a big cock on the paper! But, whether it’s for someone or not, VOTE – make your mark! Your vote is your voice.

Go to to assure you are registered ASAP!

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