Like 65% Of The Country, I’m Worried About Immigration…


An Ipsos-MORI poll has recently shown that “65% of the British public are ‘worried about immigration'” and both BBC News and SKY News are using this as an invitation to talk about how immigration is “too high”…

Well, I’m also worried about immigration. Hey pollsters! Ask me! I am worried about immigration! I am!

I’m worried about immigration. I’m worried that it’s being made into a political weapon used to poison the poorest’s minds against their neighbours.

I’m worried about immigration. I’m worried that the number of people “allowed” to come here is being slashed, which would stem income and contributions to our economy, ultimately harming the country overall.

I’m worried about immigration. I’m worried the people who come here will face vitriol and abuse from the ignorant, will face attacks – both verbal and physical – for things they have not done, will be marginalised and talked about as though they are aliens from Mars (not humans from 750 miles away) both on the streets and on TV and in the papers, making them feel uncomfortable and unable to socialise or integrate – which those same ignorant Brits will then complain about.

I worry about immigration. I worry that, without it for the last 1000 years, our country would be vastly different and much worse-off place than it is now.

I worry about immigration. I worry that my grand-kids and their kids will see a black face or hear a foreign accent and think it a strange thing, after present and future governments have essentially scared migrants away, discouraged their coming here through threats of being treated as a blight not a blessing, making the Britain of the future a dull, arrogant, frightened place to live, free of all cultural diversity, enjoyable shared heritage or varied and interesting groups of people.

I’m worried about immigration. I’m worried because it’s a good thing, yet it seems that otherwise-decent politicians are falling over each other to be the ones to limit it.

But because I’d have said to the pollsters that I’m “worried about immigration” it would be automatically assumed – when de-contextualised for a number-crunching graph on Sky News, used to support an view already decided upon – that I am not in favour of it, that I think it’s a bad thing, that I don’t WELCOME migration to our country. Immigration is something that has been proven time and again, for hundreds of years, to be an enriching and beneficial thing for any country.

I’d be lumped in with the 65% of people I disagree with. Which is why you can never believe a single figure or fact trotted out on immigration by a media and a coalition government that is absolutely out to make migrants the enemy. They aren’t. And you’ll miss them when they’re gone!

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