Katie Hopkins Is Not A Troll, She Is A Hate Preacher

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written and deleted pieces about attention-seeking hate-monger Katie Hopkins. Some of my pieces have ended up as hateful and as violent in their imagery as her own, but that’s what she wants, isn’t it? She wants people to react, to gasp in shock, to talk about her. So I’ve always deleted the pieces I’ve written in the past. But today, with only a little time to blog, I thought “fuck it”.


Katie Hopkins has written a piece that has been published in the Sun newspaper about migrants. She’s advocated positioning gunships in place to “defend” against what she’s calling “feral humans”. If I said anything close to what she has had printed then I would expect to be at least spoken to by the authorities for inciting violence and racial hatred. She’s a disgusting phlegm of a human being and, like a chimpanzee throwing its own shit around a glass room, she’s being exhibited by the gutter press for our entertainment. Only the decent among us are not entertained. And those who agree with her are not entertained. It’s not entertainment for the decent or indecent, only for the ambivalent cretins in between.

Hopkins is a dangerous, damaging figure – no different AT ALL to the Muslim hate-preachers her employers are often all too ready to slam (and rightly so). If Katie Hopkins was anything other than a white, middle-class mouth-for-hire who is laughed at by the stupid and agreed with by the even more stupid, she’d be on a government watch-list. She’s dangerous. She is dangerous.

People say “ignore her” and “you’re giving her what she wants!” but I think that method of dealing with her has reached its end. I think now what we need to do is report and attack. She needs to be reported for her disgusting bile by everyone with access to the shit she writes, not just by those who read it and disagrees. It works for right-wing moral crusaders who can shut down controversial plays and shelve daring TV shows without either ever being performed, let alone viewed by the complainer.

The paper she spews her bile into should apologise and sack her. The police should speak to her about her frankly abhorrent views and she should be treated as the problem she is, not ignored anymore. She’s not a troll, she’s a hate-preacher. It really is as simple as that. And she should be dealt with accordingly.

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