Everything You Do Is Wrong, Ed, Don’t You Understand?

Ed-Miliband-Russell-Brand-Labour-573379At first I thought it was because I exist online in a little warm lefty bubble. I surround myself virtually with people who think like me, or sort-of-like me. I block right wing trolls and annoying Ukippers. I thought it must be that – that I’m surrounded by people who are anti-Tory. That must by why I only ever see NEGATIVE stories about Conservative campaign efforts and POSITIVE stories about Labour’s campaign. It must be me!

But I’m starting to think it isn’t just me. I’m starting to think that the Tory party is so desperate at the moment that they’ll do all they possibly can – no matter how underhanded, how sneaky it may be – to derail the Labour campaign. I won’t go too deeply into everything because I plan a bumper Election Round-up soon, but we’ve seen CCHQ-authored click-bait ID harvesting passed off as an independent letter of support for the Tories from small business owners, uncosted promises and a repeated claim that X is pulling Ed Miliband’s strings.

X was Union Boss Len McCluskey first of all, then when that failed to make an impact it was changed to Alex Salmond. Then, when the Tories remembered that Salmond wasn’t actually SNP leader anymore X changed again and became Nicola Sturgeon. The line was that if we voted Ed Miliband as our PM one of the above will be pulling his strings, bullying him or “holding him to ransom”.

And last night Ed was seen leaving Russell Brand’s flat where he had been recording an interview with the comedian, which obviously means that now Russell Brand will be pulling Ed’s strings! It seems that poor Ed won’t know if he’s coming or going, pulled from pillar to post by a whole host of apparently-dreadful human beings who he just isn’t strong enough to say no to. Or, maybe, it’s yet another desperate attempt by the Tories to throw their only competition off track. It isn’t working. Ed is performing stronger than ever on TV and support for him personally is on the rise.

I wonder who else David Cameron will warn us to watch. Maybe if Ed Miliband shows up having had a shave it’ll be “Beware the Barber and his Influence!” or something!

Honestly. The Tories are so desperate now that they will literally throw anything they can at Ed and Labour. It’s a little bit embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as the scrambling efforts of Tory supporters on Twitter who seem to be searching Cameron’s name for criticism to pounce on, but weakly, like a kitten on a ball of yarn. Poor them.

(Photo: The Express/Google Images)

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