‘Moment Of The Election 2015’!

As some of you may know already I will be recording a podcast discussion of the election with some friends next week. It’ll be posted here and on my Twitter on Election day and the day after…


One of the things we’ll be discussing is what we would consider to be our “Moment of the Election”. I have a few in my head that are battling it out for the top spot at the moment but anything can happen in a week. A week is a long time etc.

What we want to know from you is this:

What has been YOUR best or worst
Moment of the UK General Election 2015?

It could be anything from a funny or interesting interview, a political gaff, something you’ve seen on TV or read in the paper, whatever you consider to be YOUR ‘Moment of the Election’.

Send us yours! Just write it in the comments below (remember to include your name) or contact me on Twitter @gabundy. Please get involved! I’d love to be able to read a few out next week on our first ever Quinquennial Angry Election Podcast!

Thanks 🙂

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