Don’t Forget To Vote This Thursday!

This Thursday – 7th May – the United Kingdom will vote in one of the most important General Elections in a generation. We’ve suffered for five years under one of the cruellest, most aggressive Conservative-led coalition governments. The Liberal Democrats – who many voted for in 2010 precisely to keep the Tories out of power – have done very little to soften the inevitable blows David Cameron and his dangerous cabinet have dealt this country. Now we have a chance to change things.

Many people say that there isn’t much difference between our political parties anymore. UKIP will have you believe that all of the parties are exactly the same except for them. But they are wrong. Dead wrong. There are myriad differences between the Conservatives and the Labour Party, some massive. To pick only one example the Conservatives want to push on with the cruel and punitive so-called Bedroom Tax which is hitting the most vulnerable hardest – the proportion of affected people who are disabled is staggering. Labour will scrap this unfair, nonsensical, dangerous tax on Day One of the new parliament. But they can do this only if you vote for them!

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Campaigns Before The Rochester And Strood By-ElectionYes. I’ll admit it: Ed Miliband is a bit odd. He’s not a flashy, camera-savvy showman with a dazzling smile and ever-a-handshake for the media barons. But is that really what you want from your Prime Minister? What would you rather; a PM who actually knows his onions or one that simply looks good chopping them up? No. For me there is only one choice. On Friday either David Cameron or Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I’ve seen what David Cameron can do to a country. Ed’s the man for me.

But that’s just me. I’m a Labour supporter and I like Ed Miliband. I trust him. I think he would be great for Britain. Ed has said he wants to be the first politician to under-promise and over-deliver, not over-promise and under-deliver. And I think that’s an incredible stance for a prospective PM to take: it’s honesty! Refreshing doesn’t cover it!

But you should vote for who you want to vote for. Vote for who you think speaks for you. Vote for the party that you believe, or the local candidate you most respect. Whatever the reason for your voting – and whoever you vote for – the most important thing is that you VOTE! Have your say.

It takes two minutes to vote and yours really could make all the difference this time around. I’d love it to be for Labour, but whoever you choose, please use your vote this week. It really is important! Thanks.

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