Becoming A Dog Person

You know those people – you know the ones! – who keep trying to show you photos of their bloody dog and say things like “I swear he thinks he’s human!” when telling you about the time he pissed on the bathroom floor (“Almost there! Good boy!”)…? You know those people? I bloody hate those people.

But like everything I hate, I’m becoming one of them. We went to Bournemouth a few weeks back to choose a puppy and put our deposit down. We’ve chosen a beautiful little Miniature Schnauzer boy and we’re calling him Digby. We’ve already got most of the stuff he needs – bed, toys, brushes, etc. Now we just have to wait to bring him home.


Isn’t he beautiful?! He’s going to be a real handful, I think. No doubt, if you follow me on Twitter or if we’re friends on Facebook, you’ll know all about how Digby’s doing as time goes on. We won’t have him home with us until after our honeymoon – we collect him on June 27th. Then, he’s all ours!

So, I know I’m being annoying. I know I’m boring you. I know you probably don’t really care that much. But I’m sorry. I think you’re going to have to get to know our little boy, whether you want to or not. Look at him. Look at that little face! LOOK!

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