On Wedding Nerves


As most of you know, my fiancée and I are getting married this Saturday. I’m not going to gush about how lucky I am (I am) or how wonderful it is to find someone who’ll say yes (it is) but, if you’ll indulge me, I’d love to talk you through how I feel.

People keep asking “are you nervous?” and I have to reply honestly; no, I’m not, not really. I’m very excited and a little dizzy about the whole thing – I can’t believe it’s that time already! – but I wouldn’t say I’m nervous. I’m guessing that when it’s Friday night and I’m lying in the dark at my Best Man’s house, thinking, then I’ll be nervous. Proper nervous. But not yet.

I think it’s because things are as they are. We’re pretty organised – all our vendors seem super-reliable and on the ball – and things are going pretty smoothly overall. Our venue, Cardiff Castle, has catered for Presidents and hosted some lavish “dos” in its day. I’m sure they’re more than able to take on a little wedding like ours.

But the one thing I am feeling is hot. Sure, it’s lovely to have the weather sort-of holding out for us. It’s nice that there shouldn’t be any rain. But wow, it’s hot out there! It’s ten o’clock and I’m sweating. I just tried on my wedding suit – Victorian-style Frock Coat and all the trimmings (minus hat) and it is restricting and warm. I could do with a slightly larger waistcoat really; I’ve put on a bit of weight since I was measured up, obviously.

So, on Saturday, I fully expect to sweat myself to death. Most important thing I can have with me that day will be water and lots of it. Though, we are getting married underground – in the Castle’s Undercroft – which is basically a massive stone dungeon. So hopefully it’ll be nice and cool down there. I hope so, or I’m going to look a right state for the photos.

Wish us luck!


  1. Tweet Well-wishing messages to Gareth and Aimee and tab them #BundyWed. Best man will read out a selection on the day.

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