David Cameron’s Irresponsible Comments

20140619_cameron_pmukToday David Cameron made a speech in which he claims that “many British Muslims quietly condone the actions of ISIS” and that this is an issue that should be addressed before more young Muslims are “radicalised”.

I put it to David Cameron that it is irresponsible comments like this – comments that are bordering on incitement to racial hatred, certainly a terrible case of stereotyping – have far stronger a hand in radicalising young British Muslims than any “community feeling” ever could. I put it to David Cameron that his comments will only rile both “communities” – young, already-alienated Muslims and disgraceful right-wing thugs, to the point that social unrest is likely in the not-too-distant future.

It’s embarrassing that we have a Prime Minister who seems comfortable and willing to say – unapologetically – that a portion of his electorate are supporters of a terrorist organisation that targets people of their own religion over all others. What kind of country is this? I am ashamed to be British thanks to these awful Tories. Fuck the lot of them.

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