Getting Our Pooch!

So the time is almost upon us! In less than a week my wife and I will travel to Bournemouth to collect our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer pup, Digby. For years we’ve talked about getting a dog. Certainly since we moved in to our home together and, finally, Aimee agreed that the time was just about right to take the plunge.

We wanted a dog that didn’t shed too much, as we’re both used to having to go to formal outings covered in white dog hairs. We narrowed our favourite breeds down to a Poodle or a Schnauzer. In my opinion, Poodles look like posh old women whereas Schnauzers look like little old men. We opted for the latter. We found a fantastic family breeder and got in touch.


Now, pedigree pooches aren’t cheap so there was a lot to think and talk about before diving in and splashing the cash on a companion who will live as part of our family for the better part of the next two decades. We travelled for three hours to meet our puppy, who currently lives with his mum and his brothers and sisters in Bournemouth. Instantly both Aimee and I fell in love with this one pup. They were all beautiful, but we seemed to connect at once with Digby.

That’s our name for him, by the way. He’s got a fancy-sounding Kennel Club name at the moment that makes him sound less like a family pet and more like the Queen’s cousin or something. But we’re calling him Digby because a) I loved “Digby: The Biggest Dog In The World” when I was a kid and b) Aimee’s dad used to live on Digby Road in Leighton Buzzard. It seemed to just fit, as a name, when I suggested it.


The last few weeks, around planning our wedding, have been spent preparing for Dig’s arrival. We’ve got his bed (posher than ours), countless toys and games, various snacks and treats, dry food, health bits and bobs and a snazzy, bandanna-style collar and lead. He’s already spoilt rotten and he hasn’t even got home yet! He’s going to be loved and fussed by everyone we know.

So now all we have to do is see out the week ahead, drive (again) to Bournemouth and collect the little rascal! Have no doubt that this isn’t the last you’ll hear of him, either. He’s already got his own photo album on Facebook and I’ll be keeping a record of our experience bringing him up to be a polite and obedient little chap on here, too. Sorry if this is likely to bore you – I’ll do my best not to gush too much.

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