It’s A Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World


So Gideon has delivered a razor-slash of a budget and, as most of us expected, the changes brought in are going to hit the poorest and most vulnerable while the richest get tax breaks. I shouldn’t be surprised at all anymore. Neither should you. You (well, maybe not YOU, but you generally – the public) voted this shed of frauds into government. You gave them a mandate to rape society and make sure it knows its place by rewarding financial security and punishing poverty. You should be ashamed.

Statistically, a few people reading this must’ve voted Tory in the election. Morally, you should all now be regretting your choice. Some of you won’t. You’re the evil ones. You’re the ones that are happy working in shit conditions for shit money as long as Jim Next Door is having his telly repossessed while his kids watch because he can’t get a job. Blame Jim. It’s all his fault!

The details of Osborne’s sickening, cruel and ideologically-punitive budget can be found here but, I warn you, it doesn’t make pretty reading. According to the BBC’s calculator I will be £60 better off per year thanks to this budget. Millions of other families are losing upwards of £2500 leaving them, obviously, ridiculously worse off. It can’t be right, can it? It makes me sick.

I hope to blog a bit about the so-called “National Living Wage” announced yesterday and about the limiting of child benefit to the first two children only. Eyes open for those blogs over this weekend or into next week.

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