I’m Proud Of The BBC! Are You?


The Tory Government are once again attacking a Great British Institution, this time the BBC. A Government Green Paper spells disaster for the Beeb by putting it under review. Essentially, what’ll happen is this: The BBC will be choked until it can’t afford to make anything and then, in a few years time, the Tories will push to scrap it entirely for being “uncompetitive”. It’s what the Tories do – run something they don’t like into the ground then scrap it, blaming the thing not their handling of it. It’s happening right now to the NHS.

Nobody’s pretending the BBC is perfect, but it’s the best broadcaster in the world, enjoyed by upwards of a billion people. It’s given us world-class news, Dr Who, Sherlock, Life On Mars, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, Strictly, the list goes on… If you’re proud of the BBC, as I am, why not show your support by making a noise about it all over social media, write to your MP asking them to support the BBC and protest this ideological attack at every opportunity.

You could do a lot worse than starting the fight-back by buying Mitch Benn’s amazing tribute song “I’m Proud Of The BBC” here or here or wherever else you can find it. If we can get this to Number 1 then it’ll at least be an indication that people love the BBC and don’t want to see it torn down. Don’t let the Tories get away with this. Please!


  1. It’s a bit unfair that a £10k household has to pay the same as a £100k household. Bet a lot would soon moan if they had to pay a commensurate £1400PA to watch telly or use a computer. All those poor folk dragged through the courts, it’s disgraceful.

    1. I agree with you there! Do you also feel that way about VAT on other goods? Or the price of milk? Or SKY TV? Or cars? Or internet costs, for that matter! Doesn’t this say more about the disposable income of the rich than it does the price of a TV license (which is roughly 36p per day)…?

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