The Hidden Joys Of Dog Ownership


We’ve had our Schnauzer, Digby, for a whole month now and I’m starting to learn some things they didn’t tell me when I signed up for this. Some things that are joys like the other pleasures of having a dog, but less glamorous. Nothing to brag about. Well, I’m bragging.

There’s nothing quite like going for a walk in the cold, driving rain; Nothing quite like waking up to needle-like puppy teeth being driven into your earlobe; Nothing like the “dog snogs” you get immediately after half an hour of your pup chewing dried tripe strips. There’s nothing quite like coming home from that walk in the cold, driving rain but this time with a warm bag of shit in your hand; Nothing quite like the noise he makes at, well, anything he’s never seen before; Nothing quite like knowing that, wherever you’ve been and no matter how long you were gone, you’ll be greeted by your dog as though you’ve just returned from a decade at war.

Having a dog is a fantastic thing. Instantly, they become part of the family – not just a pet, but an actual family member. It’s a companionship that is unlike anything else. Walking isn’t a pointless activity anymore and his routine becomes your own. And when you’re feeling ill, as both me and my wife have been for a while, the dog knows.

The dog cares. The dog tried his best to help. We love having Digby with us. Love it.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time 🙂 Have you thought about downloading a walk-tracking app to see how much extra exercise Digby is helping you get?

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