The Doctor Is (Almost) Back!


Yes, folks! It’s been a while since we last saw our favourite Time Lord face off against intergalactic foes, travelling the universe in the TARDIS. We last saw The Doctor and Clara battle mind-altering aliens with the help of Father Christmas (remember that one?) but that was MONTHS ago.

But now, it’s almost time to meet again. On September 19th – a Saturday, of course – the Doctor and Clara will return! Not much is known about this series (the spoiler-hunters are letting their game slip!) but we DO know that there’ll be a lot of Michelle Gomez’s Missy, new aliens, old friends and the Zygons are returning, too!

Capaldi’s second series as the Doctor is bound to please those fans who have been waiting, maybe not that patiently, for him to come back. Not long now! I can’t wait! Comment below and tell me, what are you most looking forward to in series 9?

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