Um, What?!

Today’s Daily Express front page has taken their trademark over-blown outrage to staggering new heights. While the Express hacks are no strangers to a bit of BBC-bashing, I was still shocked to see how desperate they seem to be today. Their headline is “This Is How The BBC Spend Your Money – SONGS OF PRAISE FILMED IN MIGRANT CAMP”; the story is worth looking at.

CMHxPINWEAAT3Fg (1)First off, I’ve spoken about the dehumanising language used around this situation before – it’s disgusting to think that some are more than comfortable pretending that their fellow humans are nothing more than animals – but the phrase “lawless migrant ghetto”, while being technically factual, screams ‘tabloid rag hyperbole’ louder than ever. So, that’s that covered. I’m ashamed to breathe the same air as the nobodies at The Express for that phrase alone.

But the most jarringly unusual thing about this article and its headline is the fact that the paper seems to be taking umbrage at the fact that a Christian TV show is acting in a Christian way. I’m not religious at all but I’ve read the Bible and, if I remember rightly, Jesus was all about helping those in need, those looking for shelter, those who were poor and desperate. He was quite big on the idea of helping his fellow man, regardless of their perceived crimes, because it was the decent thing to do. So is this rag really saying that filming a Christian singing programme in the midsts of those the religion would usually push the boat out to assist is a waste of money, a bad thing?

How expensive can it be to take your show through the Channel Tunnel anyway?! It’s only a few hours away from ANYWHERE in the UK and, if you take advantage of the Daily Mail’s generous offer of cross-Channel travel for just £1 (as many decent folk have done, using their trip as a means to help those in need on the other side) then it’s even more affordable! And anyway, I’d be PROUD to know the BBC were spending my licence fee on the needy rather than on another fucking series of ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ or whatever!


This front page is the clearest example ever of the media using their considerable influence over the public to sway opinion and influence the rise of a fully anti-migrant agenda. Pure, hate-filled propaganda. Shameful. It screams “migrant crisis” but the only crisis is an humanitarian one – if ALL the people trying so desperately to get into the UK were let in it would raise the population by barely 1%, an easily-absorbed number, as a good friend so eloquently pointed out to the many of his Facebook acquaintances who were so eager to believe the bullshit peddled by the papers this morning.

No, things are bad, but not because of the “bloody immigrants coming over here for” A, B or C. Things are bad because more and more people are starting to believe the flagrant lies and clever half-truths thrown so carelessly or maliciously around by some of the most influential and convincing voices of the establishment press. I’m frightened. Not that a migrant will take my job or sully the splendour my neighbourhood but that, one day, our government may actually go as far as sending the troops in to sort them all out. We’re months away from beatings in the street and “No Immigrants” signs in shop windows.

Mark my words, things are going to get far uglier, far worse, before they get better. Don’t be afraid of these poor souls camped at Calais or dying in the Med, but for them.

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