Doctor Who Series 9 Trailers

With a new series of Doctor Who right around the corner – it’s back on our screens on September 19th, just a little over a month away – I thought it time to give you all a bit of a break from the Labour leadership and politics in general.


So I thought I’d open this one up to comments! Below are both trailers so far released for Doctor Who series 9. What do you think? Who’s Maisy Williams playing? What the fuck is that thing with an eye in its hand?! Are you excited? What are your theories? What are your thoughts? Leave them in a comment below, let’s get a discussion going…


  1. Bet Maisie Williiams won’t be Susan because the first trailer teases us and implies that she might be. If she was, they wouldn’t do that. She’s in two eps: The Girl Who Died and The Lady That Lived. The bit from the first trailer is probably just trying to wrong-foot us by making us think she’s a returning character (e.g Susan), but probably just returning from the other episode. Though that may, of course be wrong. 🙂

    1. There’s no way she’s Susan. She appears to be in the episode with the fire-breathing cat people – is that correct? After that second trailer, I’m really rather looking forward to it starting! Are we reviewing the series here?

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