The Light-Hearted Nature Of Hate

Today our Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on mic stating that everyone in Yorkshire hates each other. Of course, because the media love a politician blunder like this, it became news. BBC News had a correspondent on to defend Cameron, saying “The comments, as you can hear, were said in a light-hearted tone and were obviously intended as just a joke”. And yes, they’re right!

But I know of some people (not friends of mine, of course) who speak of “poofs”, “sluts” and “pakis” in that same light-hearted tone. Often such sickening language is presented in that “light-hearted tone” because the person speaking has no respect for the people they’re talking about. They literally couldn’t give a shit whether they’re being offensive or not because they think themselves above the subject of their vile comments.

So, please! Don’t be fooled by a media (now including the BBC, since it’s apparently doing all it can to shove it’s tongue up Tory arse to avoid decimation) which will try to pass this off as just a bit of light-hearted banter, unfortunately timed. Cameron’s comments – while not as extreme as they could have been – are disgraceful and he should be made to answer for them.

Gordon Brown was put through the ringer for calling a bigoted woman a “bigoted woman” on tape. Please don’t let Cameron off the hook!

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