Dear Mr Moffat, Before You Go…


The papers are all over the rumour that Jenna Coleman will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of series 9. I predict that show-runner Steven Moffat won’t be far behind her. Russell T Davies held the wheel for five years and I think that’ll be Moffat’s plan too. I would put money on series 10 being his last. That’s if we get a full one.

So, before he (maybe) goes, here is a list of things that he should take note of, things I think many people may agree with, things I think he should do:

  • Drop the Victoriana. It’s becoming tired and repetitive. Missy (Michelle Gomez’s female incarnation of the Master) seems to get more and more popular the more she appears – and in Series 9 I think we’ll see her a fair bit – so if she comes back in series 10 why not drop the Mary Poppins garb and give her a TARDIS and a decent new look.
  • Stop threatening to kill the Doctor! It’s never going to happen; we don’t feel the jeopardy anymore. You’re overusing it. And while we’re on the subject of death…
  • …stop bringing people back from the dead. Danny Pink snuffed it, leave him dead. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of tragedy. The Doctor isn’t Jesus, he’s meant to be a bit hopeless sometimes.
  • Can we have two companions again after Clara please? Your characters tend to be cleverer than the average companion so having the Doctor explain the plot to them when they’re clearly bright enough to get it themselves sticks out like a sore thumb. Also…
  • …Not everyone has to be shagging. Not everyone has to have had a mysterious shared past. Not everyone has to be amazing and important and wonderful. Flaws are good! Amy Pond was great because she was selfish and stroppy and difficult. Go back to some of that.
  • Please, please, please bring back the Ood. They – along with the Weeping Angels – are THE iconic “New Who” aliens. People love them. I do, anyway. Bring ’em back.

Other than that you’ve done a pretty fine job of keeping the show special. When you leave, you’ll be missed, for all the criticism you’ve got. The show doesn’t have to get bigger and bigger. It just needs to be good. So go out with pride – with a decent, meaningful story, not an FX-heavy plot-free romp – and you’ll leave us all smiling.

Oh, and this to the BBC: After series 10 please rest the show. For, like, a few years. Make people want it back, nurture the same feelings of excitement and anticipation as we all felt in 2005. Thanks.


  1. Disagree with most of that.
    Don’t rest the show. Reinvent it. Make it more mainstream. Don’t have a fan as showrunner, or at least, if you do, have someone else with the authority to clip their wings when they inevitably go all JNT, and start laying on the fanwank. Don’t troll the viewers or the fans (WTF is Missy all about?!). Don’t try and be a TV personality when you’re the sort of person who needs to stay behind the camera if you don’t want to come across as a smug, arrogant git. Write stories that make a modicum of sense. Make a tiny bit of effort to not demolish folklore that you’ve only just set up a few episodes ago.

    And lastly, don’t let the door hit you on the arse when you leave.

    1. What Simon said ^

      I used to like Moffat and his one off stories , and I love most of Matt Smith’s run. However…Moffat is a bit of a one trick pony. He’s keen on being the story rather than writing good stories. I can’t stand seeing him talk about the show. He does come across as a smug tool!

      This is the key thing…I forgot the new series was starting Saturday, until about a week and a half ago. I’m not excited as I used to be. And I really want to be.

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