Doctor Who Series 9 – Some Thoughts Going In…

Before I start properly, some housekeeping: I’ll be reviewing the episodes (most of which are 2-parters) after the SECOND part has aired, so that it can be looked at as a complete story. Also, as part of our Chalk & Cheese Review project, I’ll also be posting reviews from long-time Doctor Who fan and my best mate Simon Watkins. Our views on Doctor Who are often markedly different, hence Chalk & Cheese. So, stay tuned next Sunday for our first epic instalment of Doctor Who: Chalk & Cheese!


Now. In the series 9 opener, The Magician’s Apprentice, Missy received the Doctor’s confession dial – the last will and testament of a Time Lord, to be delivered on the eve of his death. Then we see the Doctor having a blast in 1138AD England. He’s celebrating his life, before it ends. He says he’s had a great day. “We’ve been here three weeks!” he’s told! But then, to a Time Lord, that’s all relative, isn’t it?

“Well, apparently you think you’re going to die tomorrow,” says Missy.
“Well, I’ve got some good news about that: it’s still today!” the Doctor replies.

This rather heavy-handed hint, coupled with the title of one of episodes toward the end of the series (the episode before the one in which Clara “leaves”) – Sleep No More – leads me to believe that, for the whole length of series 9, the Doctor has been living out just one day with no sleep. He’s dodging his last day as only a Time Lord could: by not ever letting it be tomorrow. Could his sleepless exhaustion be the cause of Clara’s rumoured death?

Or Maybe “Sleep No More” refers to the (un)dramatic return of Danny Pink, Clara’s love. It would be fitting to throw them together again just one episode before she croaks. Although I really, really hope it’s not this. Moffat keeps bringing back the dead and it’s getting tiresome.

So. The Doctor’s last day is one long, series-long adventure-fuelled death-dodge. That’s my theory. I am probably wrong. But it would be just like the Doctor to avoid his death – he’s done it loads of times before, under Moffat. Sigh.

One comment

  1. I absolutely loved the opening episode! It had a lack of energy for the first 20-25 minutes, and I did wonder how they would pick up the pace, but boy they did. I knew Davros was returning, but I love the way they have done it – and I have to say, Julian Bleach makes for a fabulous Davros!

    As for the Doctor dying, or being threatened with the ultimate death again, it is a little tiresome now.

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