Well Dave? Would YOU?

Corby-Today-programmeEarlier on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn was asked whether he would ever push the nuclear button. He answered in a clear way that is rare for any politician. He simply said, “No, 187 countries don’t feel the need to have nuclear weapons to protect their security, why should [the five who do] need it themselves?” he continued. “We are not in the era of Cold War anymore, it finished a long time ago!”

And the media went mad. Some have called him weak for admitting he would never willingly murder hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people with a weapon of mass destruction. But what would the headlines read if he’d said yes?! Should we be proud if someone claimed they would press the button? Isn’t it a stronger show of courage and decency for someone to say they wouldn’t, ever?

I think it was a dangerously irresponsible line of questioning from Today and I’m proud that Jeremy Corbyn answered honestly, decently and uncompromisingly. Has any other political figure been asked this question? I’d love to hear David Cameron’s reply! Someone ask him ASAP! And if he says he would then he’s clearly a threat to our security. Nobody with his power should be allowed anywhere near that button.

Since that terrible question is now apparently a valid one get on Twitter, get asking @David_Cameron if he’s push the button! It’s only fair, if the Labour Leader is asked when he doesn’t have that power, that our Prime Minister gives his answer too. Copy and Paste the question below, and just press “Tweet”:

@David_Cameron Since the question is now apparently a valid one, would YOU push the nuclear button? #NuclearButton

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