The Hill Valley Tales – A World Poetry Day Post

As it’s World Poetry Day, here’s an awful attempt at retelling the story of Back To The Future as an epic poem, loosely in the style of Chaucer etc. I wrote this a few years ago on an old blog. I hope you like it.


The Hill Valley Tales

The boy had left for school again,
The clocks’d all chimeth Eight,
Though, since they weren’t at all set right,
The boy was clearly late.

He took his board and off he rode,
To school he went, post haste,
And straight into the head he bumped,
Whose wrath did promptly taste.

“A slacker”, quoth he, “nothing more”,
“Just like your ol’ pa-pa,”
Though little did our hero know,
Soon he would travel far.

That very night; the place, a lot,
Fill’d oft with car and van,
But emtpy t’night for this boy’s mate,
Did have a wondrous plan.

“A Car”, said he, when boy arrived,
“But not the normal kind,
For throu’ght time, shall travel we,
The past, and more, we’ll find.”

A gang arrived, their guns did shoot,
Our heroes, both, they fled,
And Doc they d’hit, and down fell he
Into the dust and tread.

Our Boy, distraught, did venture thus:
Into the car he dived,
And jabb-ed at controls, and through,
Time, un-identifited.

A crack o’ fire, a squeal of tyre,
The ground was marked ‘nd seared,
Left only was a trail of smoke;
The car, t’ad disappeared.

The place; a time of old; and dark,
The Era; still unknown,
For’nto a barn, the car did crash,
The building’s walls were blown.

“Come out!” quoth man with much distress,
And from the smoke, he saw,
A beast of yellow, stumbling,
From out his very door.

Panick-ed and a-bellowing,
Through fear, fright and awe,
An alien from world unknown,
Did man believe he saw.

Some time later, on a road,
His Pa the boy did save,
From getting hit by speeding ride,
And ended on the pave.

Awaking, lost and ill-at-ease,
Our Hero sees his Ma,
A troublesome thing, for all concerned;
His Dad shoud’st hit the car.

As timelines splayed and change was made,
Our hero knew his fate.
His mother and his father, he
Must a’sure share a date.

To Doc’s, went he, for urgent help,
Repairing what he’s broke,
But 50s Doc will not believe,
And thinks it all a joke.

A video and the car itself,
Makes Doc Brown see the facts,
A force of strength unseen before,
Is needed to make tracks.

So together, our heroes make,
A plan to put things right,
But Ma’n’Pa’s meet and getting home,
Must happen th’same night.

A light’ning strike and that of love,
Is thought will do quite well,
Enough, at least, to send Boy home,
And nurture love’s soft swell.

So to a dance goes Marty Mac,
With Mother on his arm,
Where fight and heroism makes,
Lorraine see George’s Charm.

His Parents brought together ‘t’last,
To Doc did Marty hike,
And waited in the car for age,
Til clocktower light did strike.

The storm its toll on cable take,
And disconects the wire,
But wily Doc set all a’right,
And Marty leaves in fire!

Ol’ Doc rejoices, happy he,
For all the plan did work,
Til Marty ‘ppears from darken-ness,
Ol’ Doc was sent berserk!

“You can’t be here” said Doc to Boy,
“To th’future I sent thee”
“I’m back” said Marty, breathless now,
“For movies Two and Three.”

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