Doctor Who: Under The Lake/Before The Flood


Wow! Now THAT’S how you do a two-parter! Both episodes, viewed separately, could be said to be lacking in “stuff happening”. They run about a lot in the first one, sneak about a lot in the second one, then the Doctor wins The End. But as a whole, Under The Lake and Before The Flood makes up a really solid, suspenseful, complex and interesting story. A great (maybe the best for a good long while) supporting cast and a host of wonderful “monsters” make this one a memorable ride.

It’s great to see Paul Kaye in Doctor Who, though I wish he’ll be cast as the Doctor in the future – under his “Prentis” make-up, you couldn’t really tell it was him anyway, so it’s still a believable bit of casting, should the BBC choose to grant me my wish.

And that Fisher King is a lovely alien, eh? Massive, threatening, intelligent, intimidating… The perfect one-off would-be killer, though it looks like they’ve spent a fair whack of cash on that armour, so I guess we’ll see him again in the future in some capacity. Got to get your money’s worth, haven’t they?

When Simon’s watched it – and if he writes the two-parter up – we’ll take another look at it together for our Chalk & Cheese series. If not, I might look a little deeper into both the first two-parter and this most-recent two-parter myself. In the meantime, I shall go and watch Before The Flood again! Because it was wonderful! 🙂

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