At His Second ‘People’s PMQs’ Corbyn Hits The Ground Running


After an effective but lacking start at his first Prime Minister’s Questions before Conference Season – where he read questions sent to him by members of the public – Jeremy Corbyn is now seriously finding his feet. Today’s PMQs, the second to be formulated around questions from members of the public, was wonderful.

By reading questions the public want answered makes it difficult for boorish Cameron to dodge the raised issue or mock the questioner. To do either would simply strengthen the already almost-universal opinion that the Tories are simply out of touch with the majority of the British people.

Today Corbyn followed up his People’s Questions with detailed, informed and often cutting follow-ups, shining a light on the realities of a frightening housing shortage, planned tax credits cuts and rapidly growing inequality in the UK. Cameron seemed more interested in plugging his Chancellor’s pointless and gimmicky “fiscal charter” non-policy.

All in all, only a hard-line Tory would claim that this session of Prime Minister’s Questions was anything other than a weak and weary defeat for David Cameron – dodging facts, spinning half-truths and diverting discussion from serious public concerns in favour of party political vote-farming. In my opinion, Corbyn was more statesmanlike, more eloquent, more thorough and far more respectable.

Corbyn 1, Cameron 0.

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