What A F**ing Liberty!

Corby1Today Jeremy Corbyn went to the palace, swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen and brushed his lips across her hand in order to be allowed access to Britain’s top secret security and economic briefings as part of the Privy Council. But he didn’t kneel. So, you’ve a choice: You can either bash him for “betraying all he stands for” by swearing an oath to the monarch or you can bash him for not showing enough respect by “refusing to kneel”… It’s up to you.

Personally, I’ll be taking umbrage at the fact that it appears (from this video) that Corbyn doesn’t even know the words to Incy Wincy Spider! And I bet this video was taken during this morning’s 2 minute silence (I haven’t checked)! What a fucking cultural traitor! Honestly! Does this man have no shame, no pride at all in his heritage and the toil and sacrifice of his forefathers?! What I wouldn’t give to thrash him with a rolled-up, soaked-and-frozen Union flag until his red, red blood runs in our pure, British streets!

…I don’t think that. I think the opposite of that.

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