So, last night in Doctor Who: Face The Raven, the Doctor’s long-time companion Clara Oswald met a grisly fate. She died because of her own reckless and impulsive habit of diving into dangerous situations with little thought. She’s had warnings throughout this series and only the dimmest of the dim would not have seen where her story was going…

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But is she really dead? Will there be – as is often Moffat’s way – a sneaky reverse somewhere in the next two episodes that will bring her back? Is there any chance at all that we’ll see a case of history repeating itself, Peri’s demise all over again? Knowing who’ll be causing havoc in the finale there’s certainly a possibility that not all is as it seems. But I believe, personally, that Clara is a goner. She is no more. She is brown bread.

I suppose only time will tell!

(Image by Darkest-Slayer on DeviantArt)

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