Sin-Seeker Missiles

So apparently Britain has missiles that “simply don’t kill innocent civilians”, eh? how does that work? I’ve been thinking… there are three possibilities:

1: The missiles have guilt seeker technology that sniffs out whatever sin you programme it to find (in this case Jihad) and should it approach an innocent civilian the missile simply circles safely until only the baddies are in sight.

2: The missiles leave no “recorded civilian casualties”, like the poor innocent buggers killed by UK bombing in Iraq. Innocents ARE being killed but if you don’t count ’em they simply don’t count!

3: The missiles, like all missiles, kill everyone in their blast radius – innocent, guilty, man, woman or child – but the politicians responsible for firing them will simply amend the records to state that the innocents who will be killed were actually harbouring or supporting ISIS all along and were by association terrorists themselves, therefore “No Innocents Killed”.

Who knows? Maybe these cool sounding “Hellfire” missiles are just missiles and the claims of the impossibility of civilian deaths are bullshit statements made to trick us in to war! Surely not?

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