Every Little Helps… Really.


I’ve thought a lot about this lately, but have decided it’s important to say: Last week, at our Tesco in Talbot Green, they were having a drive to get stock for the local food bank. We put a basket of shopping together – the least we could do – to donate. As we were leaving the shop a while later I noticed just how massive an operation they were running there. There were some fifteen volunteers sorting and arranging food parcels for those in need.

It saddens me that people in my area need this kind of help. Word is that our local food bank has seen a massive increase in use in the last six months. More and more local families – regular, often working families – are in need of assistance from the food bank. I’ve heard people saying families who use food banks should “get a job and pay their own way!” But that’s just embittered nonsense, unsupported by the fact that more and more working people need help to eat. It’s shameful!

It’s 2015 and people should be able to feed themselves! Especially those who work! Is this really what the Tories have done to our country in such a short space of time?! I am ashamed that I’ve never looked closer before now, locally. You hear stories all the time about increased food bank use across the country but you never think of it happening in your own town or village, do you?

And it is is happening. The food banks are desperate for donations because they have families waiting to be fed, families that can’t afford to feed themselves, families who last year didn’t need to visit the food bank at all. It angers me that things have got so bad so quickly.

So I ask just three things of you:

1) Please don’t write off families who need food banks as “scroungers” because, heaven forbid, next year it could be YOUR family standing in line.

2) If you get chance please, please put a basket of food together to donate when you visit Tesco. If you ask someone they’ll give you a shopping list of the most needed items – tinned food, cereals, pasta, etc which can all be bought inexpensively from the Tesco basic range. You WILL be making a difference.

3) Please, please don’t support this cruel, ideologically-driven, poor-hating, poor-creating Tory government any more. Speak out against their divisive actions, make a noise about their vicious cuts to welfare and public services and whatever you do please, please DO NOT vote Conservative in 2020.

Visit http://www.trusselltrust.org/ to find out what else you could do to help

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