To The Future!


So that’s that! Doctor Who series 9 is over! For many it’s been hit and miss, for some it’s just been miss. For me, personally, it’s been mostly hit to be honest. Even the duff episodes (in my opinion) weren’t really awful. Regardless of what we think of it, it was what it was and now it’s finished. After last weekend’s (again, in my opinion) great finale we’ve been handed a kind of clean slate.

Clara is still dead (albeit doing a bit of adventuring before she goes back to Gallifrey to face the Raven)  – that’s a fact, or else the universe wouldn’t be still in existence. Gallifrey is back for good, no longer missing, but smuggled away at the end of the universe. The hybrid confusion is cleared up (nicely, too!) and the Doctor has finally got to have his strop about the Time War, banishing Rassilon from Gallifrey for good.


Yes, what we have here is just the Doctor, a new sonic screwdriver, his old TARDIS back, a vacancy for companion and an eternity of adventures ahead. Now is the time for Moffat to dump the baggage and write some good old-fashioned adventures in time and space in (what is bound to be) his last series, series 10.

I’m excited to see a baggage-free Doctor, eager to meet our new companion and as prepared as ever to forgive my favourite show whatever missteps it may make along the way. That’s how I roll… Though, the less said about this year’s Christmas special, the better at this stage.

So, come with me, To The Future!

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